Payday loans for proof – who can apply?

Moments of proof – each of us has certainly heard about this quick way to raise the missing money. However, do we know who can really apply for it? For some, this will be the only chance to receive financial support. Therefore, it is worth knowing what conditions must be met to take advantage of this offer. Is each of them the same? Check with us what the short-term loans for proof are and how to find them.


What are payday loans for proof?

What are payday loans for proof?

When the crisis creeps into our finances, we can find help, among others, from loan companies. They offer their customers a whole range of products. Depending on our preferences, we can choose a long-term or short-term commitment. For people whose financial problems are only temporary, and after a month or two will be able to pay off their creditor, payday loans will be a good solution. Among them we can find offers dedicated to borrowers with a good credit history, but also those with negative entries in the databases regarding already paid debts or small individual arrears.

One of the most affordable loans is payday loan proof. This is the fastest way to get the money you need. However, it is worth remembering that their maximum amount usually does not exceed several thousand dollars. Thanks to the applications on the lenders’ websites, we can settle all formalities even in a few minutes. The entire process taking place after the borrower has sent the completed form is taking place at an express pace to provide clients with almost instant access to money.


Payday loans on proof – conditions

Payday loans on proof - conditions

It will not be a surprise when we write that the basic requirement for applicants is to have an ID card. Thus, we automatically meet the condition of having Polish citizenship. Filling out the application will require providing data on the aforementioned identity document. These will include the following information:

  • ID number and series – in the new ID cards they are on the reverse of the ID card above the thumbnail of our photo,
  • PESEL number – this is the first information on the back of your ID card.

In addition, we must be holders of an active phone number and email address, so that the lender can easily contact us. The application will also contain space for address details, therefore it is necessary to have a permanent place of residence in Poland.

It is also worth noting that depending on the selected company, we will be asked to verify or use another verification method to check the accuracy of the data provided by us.

The loan is usually made in the form of a transfer, so remember to set up a bank account or prepare an active account number.   As a rule, all lenders set the above requirements for their clients. However, depending on the company you choose, they may differ in terms of age. Of course, some offers are available from 18 years of age. However, the minimum threshold is increasingly raised to 20 years or more. Therefore, if we are young clients of loan companies, we should pay special attention to this.


What are payday loans for proof without certificates?

What are payday loans for proof without certificates?

Some payday loans are advertised as loans without certificates. This means that the lender will not require additional documents confirming our earnings or place of employment. Thanks to this, we will be able to keep the information about taking out the loan only for ourselves. In some cases, we will be asked to fill in additional fields on the form (income statement) regarding the amount of earnings and expenses.

Companies that do not require income certificates from us accept various sources of income. They do not limit the target customer group to only those with an employment contract. People who work on occasional jobs, alimonies or even benefits can also apply for this type of loan. Lenders also do not discriminate against applicants who have a negative entry in the BIK (information about one-off, small arrears or already repaid debts) or the lack of any credit history. Such people also have the opportunity to receive financial assistance.


Who can apply for SMS payers for proof?

payday loans

SMS instant messages are a solution that will certainly speed up access to the cash you need, but is it really intended for new customers? Some companies allow their applicants to obtain a loan via a mobile phone, for example in the form of an SMS. However, this option usually requires prior completion of the appropriate registration form on the website. Some lenders retain this option only for regular customers. If we are required to complete the application, it may be better to stay online with the instant payday loan and use the convenience of SMS payday payday with the next application.


How to apply for payday loans online as proof?

How to apply for payday loans online as proof?

As we mentioned, payday loans can be provided not only stationary, but also by phone or internet. This gives us the opportunity to apply for the money we need, anywhere, anytime. The only requirement is to have a computer or mobile device connected to the network. To apply, go to the lender’s website and follow these simple steps:

  1. Use the sliders to choose the amount and repayment date that suits our needs and financial capabilities. We familiarize ourselves with the repayment costs provided below the virtual calculator. This will allow us to finally verify the correctness of our decision.
  2. If we are sure, click “Submit Application”. In this way, we will be automatically redirected to the page where the appropriate form is to be filled out. At this point, we will need personal, contact, address, financial details and the abovementioned ID card. After providing all the information, make sure it is correct. If so, we can send a request.
  3. The payday loans as proof require borrowers to verify their identity by means of a traditional small-amount transfer or other modern solutions. These include special applications that require logging in to electronic banking. Then the program will download basic data about the account owner and thus verify our identity. You can also make a transfer using the express transfer system, which will also speed up the entire process. All you have to do is set up a free account on the platform used by the lender and then complete the order.
  4. After completing these stages, you should be patiently waiting for the lender’s decision, which should come almost immediately.


Payday loans for proof – offers

Payday loans for proof - offers

One of the companies offering payday loans as proof is Livus . As the lender assures, to be able to apply for a loan, all you need is a valid ID card, an active phone number, and a bank account at an institution in Poland. As a new customer at Livus, you can receive up to $ 3,000 for free. The loan repayment deadline is then 30 days. It is also worth mentioning that in the event of problems with repayment with the first loan, we can extend the repayment period even twice. In turn, with the next commitment we can use this option once.

Loan service – Good Finance loans – how does it work?

How does the Good Finance loan website work? Why use it? The answers to these questions can be found in the analysis below.

Thanks to the short application instructions, everyone can easily complete all formalities and receive money. One application on this platform allows you to send a query to many lenders who will decide on granting a loan within 24 hours.

What is Good Finance?


Good Finance is a platform that allows you to apply for an online social loan. Undoubtedly, the advantage of this offer is the opportunity to apply for money by completing one short form. By applying via the Good Finance platform, we can receive amounts from 100 to 20,000 PLN.

The loan period, however, does not exceed 24 months. As you can find out from the information provided by the company, the average loan amount is PLN 1,900, the loan period is 6 months, and the APRC is 49%. At the same time, it is emphasized that the first loan is granted for a maximum period of three months.

Loan service Good Finance – about the company


The purpose of the Good Finance platform is to facilitate contact between people who need additional funds and those who have them. Eliminating brokers allows you to find the perfect loan while minimizing formalities. As a result, costs have also been reduced.

In addition, it only takes a few minutes to complete the application. Everything can be done in 3 easy steps. It is worth emphasizing that this is a platform designed both to look for a loan and to become a lender. In both cases, complete the short form and then wait for your response. This service is absolutely free.

Good Finance – how to apply for online loans?

Good Finance - how to apply for online loans?

Going to the Good Finance homepage, click “Submit Application”. In this way we will be redirected to the subpage, where the inference stage begins. The first question to answer is whether we are applying for a loan for the first time or the next time. If this will be our second, third application, just log in to your customer account. Otherwise, we will receive an offer for new customers, which consists of a free loan for 3 months. It can be 1000, 1500 or 1900 PLN. In this situation, the APRC is 0%.

After selecting an interesting offer, complete the short form. We will be asked, among others, about: the purpose of the loan, name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number, PESEL (personal identification number), address as well as series and number of the ID document. Then, answer some closed questions about your housing situation, possible arrears and complete your bank account number. After selecting marketing consents, we send the form.

What should a long-term loan agreement contain?

Banking products are increasingly better suited to the needs of consumers. Both banks and loan companies have rightly concluded that this is the best way to attract more customers.

Such flexibility applies not only to the amounts of financial support, but also to repayment dates, which is why installment loans have been created. Thanks to them we will get larger sums, without burdening the household budget too much. Let’s find out more about them and what a long-term loan agreement should contain.

Long-term loan – what is it?

Long-term loan - what is it?

Each of us probably intuitively senses what laws govern this banking product. Since we must pay back payday loans for small amounts within a maximum of two months, it is likely that the repayment of a long-term loan will take at least a year. We can assume that this time limit is correct, though it is not the only one and the right one.

Some institutions already consider loans with a repayment period exceeding 60 days as long-term loans – it is difficult to find the rule in this respect. The rules for granting it are governed by the provisions of the Civil Code (Journal of Laws 1964 No. 16 item 93), and can be given by banks, loan companies, and natural persons. There, you should also look for the answer to the question of what a long-term loan agreement should contain.

Below is a list of companies with long-term loans on good terms. If you decide to apply in one of them, just click “Submit Application”.

Is online long-term loan a consumer loan?


Many people think that if something is a loan it must be available in the bank. These people should be led out of error because the long-term loan is subject to the Consumer Credit Act (Journal of Laws of 2011 No. 126 item 715). It is difficult to explain how it could be subject to such a regulation without meeting the criteria for this category of financial products. If the customer is a consumer to whom the lender provides financial support for private purposes as part of the business services provided, then we can talk about consumer credit.

Although the long-term loan involves much less formalities and requirements, it is subject to the same ordinances as the products offered by banks or credit unions. A long-term loan agreement can take any form provided that if the loan exceeds PLN 1,000, it will be recorded in writing. Importantly, we do not need to inform the lender about its purpose. We can buy a car, make a renovation, go on holiday with the money we borrow – it’s all in our hands.

What should a long-term loan agreement contain?


Since we have already mentioned the contract, let’s check how it should be constructed and what the long-term loan contract should contain to make it legal.

In the long-term loan agreement and more, it is obligatory to write the personal details of the borrower (his name, surname, address) and the lender (registered office address). Then, it should contain information on the type of loan granted, its amount (+ interest rate), total costs, as well as the period for which it was granted . It is important to specify the dates and methods of paying the next installments of the loan and describe the consequences that will occur if the customer fails to comply with these points of the contract . He should also be informed about the right to early repayment of the obligation and about the consequences of withdrawing from or terminating the contract. It cannot do without indicating the supervisory authority on consumer protection and without informing the borrower that he has the right to out-of-court settlement of disputes.

A document containing such information is ready for signature by both parties because it has legal force to protect their interests. Let us remember, however, that a long-term loan is a liability that will burden our budget for at least a dozen or so months. Therefore, if we have doubts about the content of the contract, we should consult its content with a financial advisor or even a lawyer. If you have not decided to take out a loan with a guarantor, only you will have to pay debts. So let’s watch what we agree to.

How do you check your credit standing yourself?

In short, creditworthiness means, in a nutshell, a person’s ability to pay back the amount borrowed at a given time with accrued interest.

The assessment of creditworthiness is very important for banks that want to minimize their own risk and want to find out if a person will be able to regularly pay off their debt. So let’s find out how to check your creditworthiness and how your bank does it.

Bank’s creditworthiness verification


Creditworthiness testing by a bank can be a lengthy process that covers very different issues. The person’s analysis is divided into two parts. The first of these – quantitative – is checking the financial situation of a specific person, and then comparing their income with expenses. Banks often check creditworthiness according to various guidelines, but most often they are based on the amount of monthly maintenance costs, income generated and their regularity, as well as examining the currently repaid debt.

In turn, the second type of analysis – qualitative – is the verification of factors that affect the customer’s payment of installments. Factors such as marital status, age, credit history and number of dependents are analyzed. The professional situation is also important, i.e. the profession, position and seniority.

How do you check your credit standing yourself?

How do you check your credit standing yourself?

In the matter of how to check your creditworthiness, all types of calculators calculating a person’s creditworthiness online can be helpful. Such tools can examine the mortgage and cash capability. They are not too complicated to use.

It is important to intuitively answer specific questions about such matters as the expected repayment period, interest rate and type of installments, own financial obligations (i.e. other installments and credits and limits on cards), monthly income of the household and the number of people who make up it. After providing their data, the calculators calculate the creditworthiness themselves, and then choose the option of finding the best loan.

You can also check your creditworthiness


By personal or telephone contact with the bank. It is also important to check your history in the Credit Information Bureau, as it may turn out that the databases contain information on delays in repayment of any previous obligations or problematic matters affecting a person’s credibility in the eyes of the bank.

All activities related to checking creditworthiness should be done before going to the bank for additional funds. This will give you the opportunity to specify the amount you can apply for and also save time in the event of rejection.

Problems with systematic repayment of installments – there is a solution for this Credit


What to do when you have problems with regular repayment ? A lot of people are thinking about all this. It should be emphasized that some are wondering whether in this situation you can get any help at the bank. How is this actually? What steps should you take to get out of this corner of your life?

Problems with systematic repayment of installments – there is a solution

Problems with systematic repayment of installments - there is a solution

It should be emphasized that it is very important that you never underestimate this topic or pretend that there is no problem. Some people avoid paying because they have various financial problems. They also do not answer calls from representatives of a specific bank, etc.

This is a very wrong approach to the subject. His most important activity is to go to a specific institution and inform about his problems. Of course, this is not an easy situation for anyone. It should be emphasized that the bank also wants to recover its money. The case in which an enterprise does not receive the sums due is also detrimental to it.

Under no circumstances should this aspect be underestimated. No wonder that there are plenty of people who go to talk with representatives of a particular institution. They realize that this is the only right way in this aspect.

The bank can help us


Avoiding the problem or downplaying this issue can have enormous consequences – it’s not just financial but also legal. This must not be forgotten. However, banks have their own ways to help borrowers overcome this crisis. It should be emphasized that some institutions suggest extending the loan period. There is no denying that this is a good solution. Thanks to this, monthly installments are generally smaller.

it’s easier to just pay them. Some choose a consolidation loan or refinancing loan. Especially when they took products that had very high rrso parameters. It should be noted that banks also offer deferment of repayment or the option of paying only interest over a period of time.

Financial problems step by step


I think everyone will agree that thanks to this you can step out of your financial problems step by step. As you can see, banks do not care about punishing customers immediately. Above all, these institutions want to get their money back and intend to do so at the lowest possible cost.

Therefore, they propose solutions that fit into this aspect. Customers have several options to choose from and should opt for one of them. Then you can really get out of this situation.

How to take care of your credit standing Credit History Timely repayment of installments

We need to buy a lot of credit for purchase. This is because we simply don’t have enough money to buy a product for cash. However, we can afford to pay back the bank loan regularly. However, when we decide on this step, we should know some important issues. Namely, every loan application requires us to be verified as a bank customer. Exactly, it’s about creditworthiness.

Bank credit


Before deciding to grant us a loan, the bank is required to verify our credit history in BIK and the financial situation. Thanks to this, it will check whether we have creditworthiness and whether we can afford to pay back the loan.

By BIK, of course, we mean the Credit Information Bureau, in which we will find out not only whether we have repaid all liabilities, but also whether we did it on time. This verification is carried out by the bank each time. Regardless of whether we are an individual customer or maybe we run a business. Regardless of the amount of our income, etc., the Bank is required to verify in the BIK every customer who has applied for a loan.

How to take care of your credit standing


It is worth knowing that the BIK also records the fact of submitting the loan application. Therefore, it is also visible whether the bank gave it to us. To take care of your creditworthiness, do not mindlessly send credit applications that are in advance subject to denial. In this way, already three decisions on the bank’s refusal to grant a loan can determine that for a long time we will not receive a loan from the bank.

So when we apply for a difficult loan, i.e. one that is difficult to obtain, let’s do it wisely. It’s all about not doing it alone. When dealing with difficult credit, among others in order to take care of creditworthiness, but also to increase your chances of getting it, we should use the help of a professional credit broker.

To ensure creditworthiness

To ensure creditworthiness

You should also ensure timely repayment of loan installments. In this way, the bank finds out whether we are a trustworthy customer and whether we are fulfilling the contract. When we do not pay the installments on time, the bank may simply not want to lend us money. He is not a charity. The bank makes money by borrowing money. Since he gives us cash in accordance with the contract, he also expects us to be a reliable partner.

addition, late repayment of receivables also exposes us to additional costs in the form of interest on late repayment of the loan. Therefore, it is worth taking care of your creditworthiness so that if you need to get quick cash, do not run the risk of being refused at the bank.

How can a professional credit broker help you? Credit

A professional loan broker will help us navigate the difficult loan market for outsiders. You don’t have time to delve into the details yourself, and you need a loan. You are not familiar with loans because you do not need this knowledge, especially with such dynamic changes.

When to use the support of a professional credit broker


However, you do not want to take the first better loan, but rather decide on the most advantageous and cheapest you can get. No matter what your motivation is. If you do not want to take a loan blind.

You don’t have the right knowledge. You don’t have time to study credit. A professional credit broker has everything you need and will be happy to represent your interests. Do not wait and report to a professional credit broker.

Finding the best loan offer

Finding the best loan offer

A professional credit broker does not represent any bank. The only person whose interests will be in your mind are your interests. Therefore, a professional credit broker chooses the best solution among all options available on the market. Thanks to its knowledge and experience, it will compare favorable offers and choose the best solution for you.

A professional loan broker will be with you at every stage of the loan process. After analyzing your financial standing and creditworthiness, it will analyze the available loan offers and choose the best one.

Presence during the whole lending process


A professional credit broker can help you collect the necessary documents and complete all formalities. The specialist will conduct negotiations with the bank for you. The credit process will not keep secrets from you, and any difficult concept will from now on become transparent and understandable to you.

By choosing a professional loan broker you are his client not only until the conclusion of the loan agreement. You can count on his help throughout the entire loan process. If you only have any questions. When you have any doubts. Something will not be clear. You would like to change the loan period, increase the loan amount or pay off the debt faster. Professional credit intermediary is at your disposal all the time. If you only need some information or help in talking to the bank, don’t hesitate and make an appointment with a professional credit broker . We can help you immediately.

500+ and a loan – everything you need to know!

From July 1, 2019, not only families with many children, but also people raising one child can apply for the 500+ benefit. Undoubtedly, such financial support is a significant help in financing the needs of families.

It allows people who reasonably manage these funds to be able to make investments for children. Therefore, it is worth thinking about submitting an application for 500 plus. How to do it? We advise you step by step how to complete all formalities online.

500+ new rules!

Up to now, the 500+ benefit was payable to parents for the second and subsequent child. The exception were families whose income per person did not exceed PLN 800 or PLN 1,200 for the care of a disabled child.

However, from July 1, 2019, you can submit a new application, which also includes the possibility of receiving money for the first child! You do not need to provide additional documents, which have so far been income certificates or a maintenance order. What exactly is the way to apply for 500 plus the new way?

How to apply for 500+ after changes?


Applying for 500 plus online is a great help. That is why it is worth knowing how to use it. Let us repeat that from July 1, parents of one child are also entitled to the benefit. Each person who wants to apply for 500+ has three solutions at their disposal. However, to easily go through the online application process, the applicant must have a new ID card with an electronic layer or set up a so-called trusted profile. 

500+ application after changes 


  1. If we have a trusted profile, please go to the website of the Ministerial Information and Service Portal Emp @ tia.
  2. Then click the button that says “”. We choose the way of logging in through a trusted profile or e-proof and complete the required data.
  3. At this time, an authorization code will be sent to us, which should be entered in the appropriate box on the website.
  4. After confirming the code we will be transferred to the registration form. At the first stage, add your family members and accept all necessary statements.
  5. After proceeding, we must select the appropriate type of application. In the case of the Family 500+ benefit, it will be an Educational Benefit.
  6. Then we will be asked to prepare documents and select the appropriate office to which our application should be sent.
  7. Now it’s time to submit your application. The first step is to complete and check your data as an applicant.
  8. Step two is to enter information about the children.
  9. Now it’s time to mark the statements about family members staying abroad.
  10. The last step is to check the correctness of the data. In case of problems, click “Back” and apply the corrections. If everything is OK, press “Confirm Data”.
  11. Then click “Send”. If our application requires adding attachments, select “Add attachments” and upload the necessary documents.