500+ and a loan – everything you need to know!

From July 1, 2019, not only families with many children, but also people raising one child can apply for the 500+ benefit. Undoubtedly, such financial support is a significant help in financing the needs of families.

It allows people who reasonably manage these funds to be able to make investments for children. Therefore, it is worth thinking about submitting an application for 500 plus. How to do it? We advise you step by step how to complete all formalities online.

500+ new rules!

Up to now, the 500+ benefit was payable to parents for the second and subsequent child. The exception were families whose income per person did not exceed PLN 800 or PLN 1,200 for the care of a disabled child.

However, from July 1, 2019, you can submit a new application, which also includes the possibility of receiving money for the first child! You do not need to provide additional documents, which have so far been income certificates or a maintenance order. What exactly is the way to apply for 500 plus the new way?

How to apply for 500+ after changes?


Applying for 500 plus online is a great help. That is why it is worth knowing how to use it. Let us repeat that from July 1, parents of one child are also entitled to the benefit. Each person who wants to apply for 500+ has three solutions at their disposal. However, to easily go through the online application process, the applicant must have a new ID card with an electronic layer or set up a so-called trusted profile. 

500+ application after changes 


  1. If we have a trusted profile, please go to the website of the Ministerial Information and Service Portal Emp @ tia.
  2. Then click the button that says “Login.gov.pl”. We choose the way of logging in through a trusted profile or e-proof and complete the required data.
  3. At this time, an authorization code will be sent to us, which should be entered in the appropriate box on the website.
  4. After confirming the code we will be transferred to the registration form. At the first stage, add your family members and accept all necessary statements.
  5. After proceeding, we must select the appropriate type of application. In the case of the Family 500+ benefit, it will be an Educational Benefit.
  6. Then we will be asked to prepare documents and select the appropriate office to which our application should be sent.
  7. Now it’s time to submit your application. The first step is to complete and check your data as an applicant.
  8. Step two is to enter information about the children.
  9. Now it’s time to mark the statements about family members staying abroad.
  10. The last step is to check the correctness of the data. In case of problems, click “Back” and apply the corrections. If everything is OK, press “Confirm Data”.
  11. Then click “Send”. If our application requires adding attachments, select “Add attachments” and upload the necessary documents.