How to take care of your credit standing Credit History Timely repayment of installments

We need to buy a lot of credit for purchase. This is because we simply don’t have enough money to buy a product for cash. However, we can afford to pay back the bank loan regularly. However, when we decide on this step, we should know some important issues. Namely, every loan application requires us to be verified as a bank customer. Exactly, it’s about creditworthiness.

Bank credit


Before deciding to grant us a loan, the bank is required to verify our credit history in BIK and the financial situation. Thanks to this, it will check whether we have creditworthiness and whether we can afford to pay back the loan.

By BIK, of course, we mean the Credit Information Bureau, in which we will find out not only whether we have repaid all liabilities, but also whether we did it on time. This verification is carried out by the bank each time. Regardless of whether we are an individual customer or maybe we run a business. Regardless of the amount of our income, etc., the Bank is required to verify in the BIK every customer who has applied for a loan.

How to take care of your credit standing


It is worth knowing that the BIK also records the fact of submitting the loan application. Therefore, it is also visible whether the bank gave it to us. To take care of your creditworthiness, do not mindlessly send credit applications that are in advance subject to denial. In this way, already three decisions on the bank’s refusal to grant a loan can determine that for a long time we will not receive a loan from the bank.

So when we apply for a difficult loan, i.e. one that is difficult to obtain, let’s do it wisely. It’s all about not doing it alone. When dealing with difficult credit, among others in order to take care of creditworthiness, but also to increase your chances of getting it, we should use the help of a professional credit broker.

To ensure creditworthiness

To ensure creditworthiness

You should also ensure timely repayment of loan installments. In this way, the bank finds out whether we are a trustworthy customer and whether we are fulfilling the contract. When we do not pay the installments on time, the bank may simply not want to lend us money. He is not a charity. The bank makes money by borrowing money. Since he gives us cash in accordance with the contract, he also expects us to be a reliable partner.

addition, late repayment of receivables also exposes us to additional costs in the form of interest on late repayment of the loan. Therefore, it is worth taking care of your creditworthiness so that if you need to get quick cash, do not run the risk of being refused at the bank.