20 businesses Twin Falls residents want to restart

There have been great businesses in Twin Falls over the years. There are some really good ones now. However, sometimes you just can’t beat the nostalgia. We asked you which companies you would like to see return and you did not disappoint.

These are not in any particular order of need, they are just the ones that I have seen the most requested. If there are more, let us know.

  • 1

    Treasure cove

    Treasure Cove was an arcade for the kids. Heard it was one of the best places to go as a kid.

  • 2


    Dude, I miss Hastings. They had music, movies, games, and everything a person could dream of. When they came out, I legitimately cried a bit.

  • 3

    Driving in the movies

    Would have been nice to have during COVID and all the time. Driving in movie theaters is a thing of beauty. So much fun when you can just hang out with your friends or alone and watch on the big screen.

  • 4

    Me and Eds

    Apparently a super good pizzeria where you can get good beer as well.

  • 5

    Zulu bagels

    I think Twin Falls could use a good bagel, freshly made each day. Yum

  • 6


    I am always ready for kart races! One of my favorite childhood memories.

  • 7

    Prime Cup

    Heard it was a wonderful steak house that had some pretty delicious food. With a name like that, it can’t be wrong.

  • 8

    Dale’s dogs

    I only heard amazing things about the hot dogs coming out of this restaurant. Twin Falls could use a good hot dog joint.

  • 9


    A grill bar which was one of the best places to go on a Friday or Saturday night.

  • ten


    It recently closed, but they had a bit of everything for great prices. I was really sad to see them go.

  • 11

    North trolley

    Sources said they had great cinnamon rolls and it was a buffet that people really loved.

  • 12

    Imaginary Station

    An awesome toy store. Toy stores are always a good time! I really wish I could have enjoyed this place.

  • 13

    The aroma

    Heard this place was an Italian style restaurant which was kind of a hangout destination.

  • 14

    Molly’s bagels

    Again we could really use a bagel bakery

  • 15

    Montana Steakhouse

    I mean, steakhouses are always a great place to have in your town.

  • 16


    An affordable grocery store that you can always find in random places around Idaho I think. But Kings came out not too long ago.

  • 17

    Pioneer Bar

    This place also closed recently. They had great food, great bar atmosphere and great drinks. Sad that it was demolished.

  • 18

    Old navy

    I miss Old Navy. They had great clothing options that were also suitable for business or leisure.

  • 19

    K Mart

    Also recently closed and now D&B Supply is here. KMart had things you couldn’t find in other stores.

  • 20

    The gyroscope shop

    Originally located in downtown Twin Falls, they had some really good food.

Sara R. Cicero