Clean Slate Clinic in Kalamazoo aims to clear eligible records

Tomorrow in Kalamazoo, a “shaved blackboard” clinic will offer the radiation of people who have committed offenses and eligible crimes.

This is a question I have been asked about multiple job applications, “A history of criminal offenses? For me, the answer is no. However, for those who, for example, have committed minor offenses or have been arrested for simple marijuana offenses, answering “yes” to these questions may mean that they will not be offered that job. Even if the sentence has already been served, even if it occurred about ten years ago, this “mark” on a person’s personal file can seriously hamper their advancement in life.

The goal of the clinic of the future is to remove this potential barrier by removing the records of eligible individuals.

The clinic will be held at Bronson Park and Kalamazoo Town Hall from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. According to, the event will begin with a statement from a few elected officials. Additionally, the event will be held concurrently with Lunchtime Live which takes place downtown every Friday and features food truck refreshments and live music.

UPDATE: Registration is complete. Nevertheless…

According to Kalamazoo Town Facebook page, registration for this specific event is complete. But residents are always welcome to see how the process works.

In addition, the city of Kalamazoo says,

In connection with the partnership, Kalamazoo Defender and Michigan Works! also serve eligible individuals through erasure clinics every Friday at their offices in Suite 300 at 151 S. Rose St. in downtown Kalamazoo, which people can register on the Michigan Works! website.

So, even with a full registration for that particular day, there are still plenty of opportunities for your record to potentially be deleted.

This is the Kalamazoo Defender’s second clean slate clinic, and with their mission in mind, I’m sure there will be more in the future. Find more information here.

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