Coronavirus: No professional sport in England until June 1 at the earliest

There will be no competitive sport until at least June 1

No professional sport, even behind closed doors, will be organized in England until June 1 at the earliest, the British government has announced.

The second stage of this plan – which cannot begin before June 1 – consists of “allowing cultural and sporting events to take place behind closed doors for broadcasting, while avoiding the risk of large-scale social contacts”.

Speaking in the House of Commons on Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said being able to host sporting events behind closed doors could “give a much needed boost to national morale.”

The document says reopening sites that draw large crowds, such as sports fields, “may not be fully possible until much later depending on the reduction in the number of infections.”

Premier League clubs meet on Monday continue discussions on restarting the project.

The elite have been suspended since March 13 due to the coronavirus pandemic but aim to resume in June, with 92 of their 380 matches remaining.

There will be no cricket played in England and Wales until at least July 1, following a decision by the England and Wales Cricket Council.

On Monday, the UK Horse Racing Executive Committee said it had pledged to planning a resumption of racesexternal link June 1.

Premiership Rugby is aiming for a recovery in early July, with nine rounds of play remaining.

Formula 1 hopes to race at Silverstone on July 19-26.

Under proposed rules for the resumption of closed-door boxing in July, fighters at UK shows will wear protective masks during ring walks and may be prohibited from using a spit bucket between rounds.

The government’s current goal is to introduce the second stage of its plan on June 1, but only if sufficient progress is made to “successfully control the spread of the virus” and the lifting of restrictions could be delayed.

Sporting events involving international travel could be affected by the government’s requirement for all international arrivals “not on a short list of exemptions” to self-isolate for 14 days after arriving in the UK.

Four English teams remain in European football competitions this year – Chelsea and Manchester City in the Champions League and Manchester United and Wolves in the Europa League.

F1 bosses in talks with government request an exemption for staff from the rules on international arrivals.

Do we know when fans can come back?

Liverpool supporters
Liverpool fans watch at Anfield in March

It is not known when spectators will be able to attend sporting events again.

As part of the third stage of the plan, which will not begin until July 4 at the earliest, the government aims to reopen some of the remaining businesses that have been forced to close, including hospitality and recreation facilities.

However, he adds: “Some places that are by design overcrowded and where it may be difficult to adopt a distancing may still not be able to reopen safely at this point, or may not be able to open safely only. ‘in part.

“In order to facilitate the fastest possible reopening of these types of high-risk businesses and public places, the government will carefully scale and pilot reopenings to test their ability to adopt the new secure Covid-19 guidelines.

“The government will also closely monitor the effects of reopening other similar establishments elsewhere in the world, as it occurs.”

The paper also states that “only the development of an effective vaccine or drugs can reliably control this epidemic and reduce mortality without some form of social distancing or contact tracing in place.”

What about recreational sport?

From Wednesday, the British will be able to exercise outdoors as many times as they like, although playgrounds, outdoor gymnasiums and paid outdoor recreation areas will remain closed.

They will also be allowed to meet someone outside their home as long as they stay outside and stay two meters away from each other.

Thus, one-on-one sport with someone outside of your household, such as tennis or cricket nets, will be allowed provided that participants respect the rules of social distancing.

However, team sports are not allowed except with members of your own household.

The Lawn Tennis Association said following government clarifications tennis activity will resume away from England from Wednesday with “singles play only” unless all players are from the same household “in which case they can play doubles”.

Golf courses in England will reopen on Wednesday with people licensed to play with members of the same household or with someone else from a different household.

Facilities such as tennis courts and golf courses will remain closed in Scotland, Wales and North Ireland.

Sara R. Cicero