Eagle Gym Hosts Sport Climbing Competition in United States

Eagle Climbing + Fitness drew climbers from across the region to the new gymnasium on Saturday, April 20, for a USA Climbing sanctioned sport climbing event. It was the first major sport climbing event to take place in the new gymnasium, which opened in November 2018.
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The local Eagle Talons climbing team hosted a USA Climbing sports competition over the weekend, a landmark event for the new Eagle Gymnasium.

With the bouldering season now over, the home team turned to sport climbing, using ropes. Saturday’s sport climbing event was the first-ever USA Climbing sanctioned rope climbing event to take place at Eagle Climbing + Fitness, which just opened in November 2018.

Teams traveled to Salt Lake City to participate in the event, called Sport & Speed ​​Local 2019.

Cody Abshear of Team Grand Valley Climbing in Grand Junction said the new gym has brought his team to Eagle on several occasions in recent months.

“We came for a bouldering competition in the fall, and we came here a few weeks ago just to practice,” said Abshear. “To get more variety, they also have a regulation speed wall that we don’t have, and their routes are really good, so we really appreciate being able to come here and train and enjoy this gym.”

Abshear has attended rock climbing events in the United States for the past five years and said he has witnessed tremendous growth in the sport. He said that with the number of gyms that have appeared on the Front Range in recent years and the fact that a 10,500 square foot climbing gym now exists in Eagle, this is a testament to the popularity of the sport. . He also said that the fact that Eagle was drawing teams from the Front Range on Saturday was a testament to the fact that it had already become a popular venue.

“It’s honestly pretty amazing that they come out of the Front Range with all the gyms they have there,” Abshear said on Saturday.


The Eagle Talons team is led by trainer Larry Moore, who also manages Eagle Climbing + Fitness.

Moore said the team has benefited greatly from the new space.

Local young climbers Benjamin Dantas and Ethan Pitcher competed in their respective national competitions – Dantas competed in the USA Climbing Youth Bouldering National Championships while Pitcher competed in the Canadian Youth National Championships.

Pitcher’s parents were born in Nova Scotia and moved to Eagle County in 2004. Pitcher, who is now in his final year at Red Canyon High School, began competing on Moore’s team while ‘he was in fourth grade.

“Climbing has opened up a lot of opportunities for Ethan,” Pitcher’s mother Kim Flynn said on Sunday. “He’s been around the country, it has kept him on track in school and it has allowed him to focus on what he wants to do in life.

At the National Youth Bouldering Championships, Pitcher’s goal was to secure an invitation to the Open Division, which is the national championship for all athletes, not just youth. He did and competed in adult national championships as well.

“He’s been to two national championships in two months which has given him a great experience,” said Moore.

Pitcher hopes to make the Canadian national team in May and compete at the world championships. But first, he’ll have the Canadian Sprint Nationals, also in May. To prepare for this event, Pitcher traveled around the state hitting different 15-meter walls. He skipped the Eagle competition on Saturday to hit Earth Treks at Englewood, where he clocked 7 seconds.

“This is his new personal best,” said Flynn. “So he’s doing very well in all disciplines. ”

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