Elias Theodorou wins US victory for medical cannabis in professional sports

Elias Theodorou, the first professional athlete to compete in the United States with a therapeutic use authorization for medical cannabis, made history with his victory over Bryan Baker at Colorado Combat Club 10, held at the Island Grove Event Center, December 18

DENVER, December 21, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Elias Theodorou is the first professional athlete to compete and win in United States with a therapeutic use exemption for medical cannabis. At December 18Theodorou made history with his victory over the Bellator veteran Bryan Baker at Colorado Combat Club 10, held at the Island Grove Event Center in Greley, Colorado.

The Mane event dealt a definitive blow to the stigma of medical cannabis use in sports, beating Baker by judge’s decision in the showpiece fight of the night. This victory dispels the idea that professional athletics and medical cannabis are mutually exclusive. True to his commitment to clean sport, Theodorou did not consume THC for 48 hours before his fight.

The event is commemorated with an exclusive AR NFT for sale on the New World platform, immortalizing the “punch” against stigma in professional athletics.

After an entertaining undercard, Theodorou and Baker took to the ring to thunderous applause. Since his release from the UFC in 2018, Theodorou has advocated for medical cannabis in sports – earning its therapeutic use authorization from the British Columbia Sporting Commission in 2020, and the Colorado Office of Combative Sports and Colorado Combative Sports. Commission in 2021.

With a victory under his belt in ColoradoElias looks forward to gaining exemptions for competition in other US states, cementing his legacy as a cannabis athlete.

“To all other athletes who can afford it: ask for an authorization for use for therapeutic purposes without fear of being stigmatized,” said Théodorou. “This is just a first step on our journey to understanding and acceptance.”

Theodorou expresses his sincere gratitude to all of his supporters and sponsors who have helped him continue his mission to fight the stigma, as he trains and prepares for his next challenge. Special thanks to Leafythings, cubed3biotech, Imagine BC, Planet of the Vapes, GG Poker, USG Fightgear, Storz & Bickel and Erik Magrakenmanaging partner of MacIsaac & Company.

On Elias Theodorou

Elias “The Spartan” Theodorou, is a top middleweight fighter who, after an impressive 8-3 record during his time in the UFC, is committed to fighting the stigma of medical cannabis in athletics. . In January 2020he became the first professional athlete to receive a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) for medical cannabis, and the first in the United States do the same in May 2021. Elias has transcended stereotypes of a fighter by using his advertising degree and corporate experience to develop, create and produce personal and corporate brands including The Mane Event™, The Ring Boy™ and Weedbae™ . Elias is committed to using his growing platform to expand his reach beyond MMA and fight for the acceptance of medical cannabis in professional sports. Follow Elias on Facebook, Twitterand Instagram.

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