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What is the Exodus effect?

The Exodus Effect is a guide that claims to be able help you recreate longevity described in the Bible and related scriptures. With the Exodus Effect and bonus materials, people can learn about various lost remedies and methods to treat various health conditions. Other parts of the Exodus Effect teach known recipes to help you become a healthier, happier version of yourself.

According to the author, the unique part of the guide is the direction on how to make holy anointing oils that the Bible talks about. These sacred oils are not well understood and have been considered “lost”. The Exodus Effect is so revolutionary because you can learn these ancient techniques, teachings and traditions from the safety of your own home.

The lessons of the Exodus effect are found nowhere else, but after research in the Holy Scriptures, they were revealed to the author. Ancient recipes have long been forgotten, now revealed and ready to help the world again. Followers of the Exodus Effect claim that the teachings are 100% accurate and work as long as they are followed directly. Let’s take a closer look at the Exodus Effect and see how it holds up after reviews.

How does the Exodus effect work?

The methods and recipes found in the Exodus Effect are said to be taken directly from the Bible, having only recently been decoded. Once decoded, the recipes were applied and tested to see their effectiveness and whether they kept the promises. According to the author, the recipes held up and delivered the claimed benefits; they have since been released as the Exodus Effect for the world to use.

The reason why the texts are only now discovered is easily explained; it is because the Bible has been mistranslated for a very long time, and some of what it described has been missed in rhetoric, dogma, and translation. Incomplete texts and incorrect translations distort the meaning of certain passages in the Bible.

According to the author, many recipes are incomplete because passages have been missed, lost or poorly deciphered. This means that people have been using the Bible incorrectly for years, missing what they were supposed to get out of it, with insufficient results. The Exodus Effect makes those parts of the Bible missing.

The recipes are said to be formulated for everyday life in the book. They are linked to things like coffee, health disease treatments, and meals – which are said to improve the overall health of the person who uses them, recreates them, and eventually consumes the end results of the recipes. These recipes are said to be designed for use by people of true faith, but the author encourage everyone to try them even if they are not believers. They believe the exodus effect can help lead people to Christ through the results of their healing, and as they point out, what have you got to lose if you try it?

It is another way to gain more knowledge, benefits and gains through the teachings of God. The product does not only contain recipes to follow but also a multitude of instructions on how to improve your life in general and become more serene. Christians are not the only ones to benefit from the Exodus effect; it’s pretty obvious if the teachings are legit that everyone can benefit from them in some way. The Exodus Effect is the ultimate guide to self-care, using only holistic ingredients and methods that have been around for hundreds of years.

Who created the Exodus effect?

According to Exodus Effect Website, the author is a pastor. After his wife fell ill, he began to research biblical teachings to find a solution. After finding a text showing how a mistranslation of certain plant names in the Bible could have changed the recipes for holy oils, he worked to find a formula for the anointing oil as described in the book of the Exodus. He founded the company Divinity Origins LLC. and started a book publishing company that eventually released the Exodus Effect.

What are the ingredients of the Exodus effect?

Several ingredients are used throughout the book for different reasons. Some of them are quite common, but some can go to the local health food store to find them. Some ingredients might seem a bit ridiculous at first because you’re so used to them, but they’ve actually been used by civilizations for centuries with positive effects. Below is a small list of some of the ingredients used in the Bible, but since they cannot reveal everything, this is only a part of them.

  • Cinnamon – Aids digestion as an antiseptic and eliminates toxins.
  • Olive Oil – Full of omega-3s and healthy fats, and improves skin health.
  • Casia – Native to China, regulates blood pressure and helps manage weight while strengthening the immune system and increasing muscle mass at the same time.
  • Myrrh – Commiphora Myrrha from the African continent works as an excellent fragrant incense to flavor food and reduce inflammation.
  • Cannabis – is a “controversial” ingredient. According to some bible scholars, cannabis is discussed in the Bible. However, over the centuries there have been disagreements over which plant is being referred to; there are several contenders, such as sweet calamus, sugar cane or reeds. The author of the Exodus Effect believes that hemp oil is the correct translation and one of the main analgesic components of the anointing oil discussed in the guide.

Each of the ingredients discussed in the Exodus Effect is considered all natural. To be clear, the Exodus Effect is simply the guide showing you how to create your anointing oil; you will have to source the ingredients yourself.

Get the Exodus Effect today!

The Exodus Effect guide is only available on the official website. For $67 you’ll get a digital and physical copy of the Exodus Effect guide. You will also receive bonus guides:

  • Divine Pet: how to make oils to help your pets.
  • The Lazarus Effect: Fights the effects of aging and helps you look and feel younger and extend your life.
  • Hidden Prayers: 33 scriptures to use, focusing on different aspects like healing or anointing oils.
  • Inclusion in the Prayer Warrior network: you can have thousands of people helping you pray daily to increase your results

For those of you who are skeptical, the Exodus Effect comes with a 365 day money back guarantee – if it doesn’t work for you, just contact customer service and get your money back!


The Exodus Effect is a pastor’s guide to bringing the hidden teachings of the Bible to the world. The goal is to help the person who uses it improve their overall quality of life through different long-lost and recently rediscovered prayers, practices and healing recipes. To learn more or buy the product, head over to the Exodus Effect website by clicking here to get started today! >>>


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