Falk Graduate Students Lay Groundwork to Bring Adaptive Sports Competition to CNY

The class of graduates working on the summit

Seventeen sports management graduate students from Gina Pauline’s Advanced Sports Events Management course spent the spring semester, working with Syracuse Sports Corp., laying the groundwork not only to produce the second annual Sports Summit. of Syracuse on Thursday, April 30, as well as exploring the possibility of hosting a statewide multi-sport competition for athletes with a physical disability, including injured military veterans, in Syracuse.

On April 30, students will present their efforts and dedication to adapted sports. The summit aims to spark a discussion on the integration of disabled citizens into the community through the use of adapted sports. It also seeks to explore the needs of such an event as well as the benefits for community members, athletes and adapted sport. During the Syracuse Sport Summit, students will present their vision for statewide competition in an effort to spark discussion.

The Syracuse Sport Summit 2015 begins with remarks from the President of Syracuse Sports Corp. Michelle Evanson and Mike Haynie, Vice Chancellor for Veterans and Military Affairs at Syracuse University. Cicero resident George Lonergan will share his personal perspectives on adapted sport, which for him and his family began in December 2013 when he had a snowmobile accident in Old Forge, NY. The accident made him unable to walk without the use of prosthetic legs. Earlier this year, he started running again using his prosthetic running legs.

A presentation from the graduate sports management students will reveal logistical findings and suggestions as to whether the Syracuse area could host the statewide summer sports competition to include sports such as track and field, judo , weightlifting, swimming, wheelchair basketball, pétanque and goalball, among many others. Participants will then develop these results with their own suggestions to formulate a proposal for the competition to be developed later this summer.

“The students gained considerable experience not only in event planning, but also in adapted sport, an area they had never been exposed to before this project. In doing so, they learn about sports, the rules and regulations as well as the necessary facilities, funding possibilities and other aspects. The impact this project has left on each of them professionally and personally is enormous, ”said Pauline, Associate Professor of Sports Management.

sports summitJohn Register, associate director of community and veterans programs for the United States Paralympic Games, a division of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), will share his thoughts on how he worked to advance the Paralympic movement leading programming efforts for military and veterans with physical disabilities. He will also talk about his personal experiences with adapted sport. Register is a two-time Paralympic and silver medalist, a four-time US track and field athlete, and a US Army Gulf War veteran.

The Syracuse Sport Summit 2015 will feature three breakout sessions to facilitate discussions among the 150 expected attendees which will include experts and professionals from the adaptive sports community, the military veterans community, sports management industries and events and local government. Breakout sessions in the areas of adapted sports, event management and facility operations will feature speakers with expertise in each topic, including: Michele Evanson; Rebecca Hann, Associate Vice President of Operations at Onondaga Community College; John Register; and Brian McLane, strategic advisor on disabilities and inclusion at Syracuse University.

Julie O’Neill, Sports Performance Team Leader for the United States Olympic Committee, will deliver the keynote address. In her role at USOC, she oversees the high performance planning process and sport development projects for five internally managed Paralympic sports including track and field, cycling, swimming, and alpine and Nordic skiing.

Registration for the Syracuse Sport Summit 2015 is set at $ 35 and can be done at http://syracusesportsummit.wordpress.com. For more information, contact Pauline at 315-443-9881 or email [email protected]

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