Gorczynski is doing well with a busy schedule of 3 sports

SUTTON – High school student-athletes are generally known for their time management skills, juggling busy schedules that sometimes seem more than dizzying.

Sutton High School’s three sports star Skylar Gorczynski could outshine any of the busiest contenders of all, with lineup that allows for very little downtime. Sports activities include track and field, where she set the school record with a 113-foot, 4-inch discus throw in sophomore while finishing first in tournaments in central and western Massachusetts. She is also a shooting goaltender and captain of the SHS varsity basketball team, and will adjust to play volleyball on the high school team in just a few weeks.

On the non-sporting side of the activity register are Gorczynski’s four years as class president and his membership in Connections, a social justice club; Environmental club; Community Service Learning Club; and GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance).

Gorczynski did not want it to be any other way.

“Playing sports while in school helps me focus on studying because I can do everything. I don’t like to sit down. I need to have something to do all the time, and the sports I play take time in a good way. My brother (Zack) has always been a three sport athlete, so when I entered freshman I had this mentality of wanting to be a three sport athlete. Once I did, I realized I liked it. What I do keeps me fit and keeps me focused on growing as a person.

“Academically, I just do my homework and study after or before training, whenever I get the chance. Lunchtime is also a great time to do homework.

Skylar Gorczynski curls up to throw the discus.

Gorczynski’s senior basketball season was under threat until the opening game kicked off, but it came to fruition despite concerns over COVID-19. The uncertainty has also allowed him to demonstrate his leadership skills, which will be in demand as this year’s squad is a bit younger.

“We have more freshmen who are new than we have upper class students,” she said. “I try to take as much control as possible without crossing the line. I try to make my voice heard in relation to everyone in training, shouting all the time, cheering people on. I tell the younger ones to reach out if they have a question, but sometimes I have to be a little more strict because Coach (John) Doldoorian likes to pay attention to details and disagree with silly mistakes . He’ll be back next year, and I want these girls to be ready when he does.

“The training I had at Sutton played the biggest role in my development as a player. My JV year, we had Coach (Sarah) Mahan, whom I admire. She’s a strong woman who showed us the mentality to have as a female athlete. Coach Doldorian taught me a lot not only to be a good player but also to be a good person off the pitch. Coach (Tim) Anderson is a new coach and he’s doing a great job for the job he’s been given. But the player I am today is due to Coach Mahan and Coach Doldorian.

“Coaching, she brought a tremendous work ethic and was everything a captain should be,” said Anderson, SHS Women’s College Basketball Head Coach. “His willingness to help his younger teammates has contributed to the learning curve for a fairly inexperienced team.

“Off the pitch, I’ve known Skylar since she was in second year. I am so impressed with her authenticity and how she has been an asset to the Sutton High School community.

Gorczynski looks forward to her remaining days at SHS and enjoys the experience she has had, not only in athletics but in the spirit of the city.

“I’ve always loved how Sutton is a tight-knit community,” said Gorczynski, who plans to major in physics or political science as a path to a career in law. “Everyone knows everyone. We all encourage each other in our triumphs and support each other in difficult times. My parents couldn’t have chosen a better place to raise me. Sutton made me who I am today.

“Sportingly, I believe the Sutton athletes definitely hold themselves to a very high standard. Our basketball and football teams are renowned for their wins, and we don’t expect that to change anytime soon. I am proud to be called Sutton Suzie and to have the opportunity to represent the community of Sutton.

“Academically, Sutton has an excellent teaching and administrative staff. They care about students and their well-being beyond the classroom. Whether it was Mr. McCarthy (Director of SHS) passing through the lobby or Ms. Corron (Deputy Director) sending a simple registration email, I always thought I could contact all of my teachers if needed. The faculty makes the students feel at home in the building.

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Sara R. Cicero