Katy Climbing Hall Hosts America’s First Climbing Sports Competition

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HOUSTON – As the Olympics draw to a close, a growing sport is just beginning.

Momentum Katy Indoor Climbing hosted the USA Climbing Sport and Speed ​​Youth Climbing competition for the first time on Saturday. The competition kicked off Momentum’s efforts to start a Houston-based climbing team. Climbing in the United States consists of three disciplines: sport climbing, speed climbing and bouldering. Competition at Katy included both sport climbing and speed climbing. “You need balance, you need confidence, coordination, strength and technical skills. It’s an amazing sport that young people can get involved in, ”said Momentum CEO Reese Williams.

It may be a newer sport, but it is certainly developing rapidly. According to the Climbing Business Journal, on average, climbing growth has increased by 10 percent per year. He also reported that 2017 set the record for most open climbing gyms in the United States. There are now 35 million climbers in 140 countries around the world and you can expect to see people from all over the world competing in this sport at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Looks like this sport is climbing to the top.

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Sara R. Cicero