Liberty Assured is the Outstanding Digital Loan Company of the Year 2021

By Onozure Dania

Liberty Assured Limited received the Outstanding Digital Loan Company of the Year 2021 award by Marketing Edge, Nigeria’s leading marketing and advertising publication.

The award was presented to Liberty Assured Limited for delivering excellent smart financial and digital lending services to the low, mid and high level investment market with top notch innovation in Nigeria.

The award was unveiled on Friday as part of activities marking Marketing Edge’s 18th anniversary.

In his acceptance speech for the award, Oritsetinmeyin Igbene, CEO of Liberty Assured Limited, said the recognition would significantly strengthen and accelerate the company’s commitment to better serve its customers.

He said, “Liberty Assured is the Nigerian pioneer leader in digital lending and this company is blessed with many innovations. Our innovation is to put people before profits.

“It is with great pleasure that I receive this award with great honor and appreciation. It is indeed a formidable booster and accelerator to do more in the service of our customers. We thank the organizers for recognizing our hard work in very difficult economic times; it is truly a heartwarming moment in my life, ”he said.

Liberty Assured is rapidly making phenomenal progress in the financial sector in Nigeria, Africa’s largest market.

Some of the company’s solutions include instant 5-minute loans, the deployment of a digital underwriting tool, and a digital collection tool. The company launched the industry’s first AI / credit scoring predictive analytics model. As a leading digital lending company, it uses its mobile app and web app collection solution to improve customer delivery services.

The company’s high-performing product line includes Liberty Pay, a basic digital lending product that meets the financial needs of state officials and federal parastatals across the country; and Liberty Cred – Mobile App, a loan product that provides mobile access to the Liberty Nano loan offering and is accessible to Liberty Assured customers across the country.

Others are Liberty Rebirth, a business solution and business improvement process that helps drive business growth in the micro, small, and medium-sized business sector that has a loan offer of up to N500,000. to help micro SMEs with working capital to remain in business as an integral part of the economy; and Liberty Bridge, a product designed to bridge the corporate financial and mass inclusion divide within the male / female market.

Lagos State was the official partner of the event and the Governor of Lagos State represented Nigerian governors at the forum, stressing the need for governors to have better marketing habits.

He noted, “As the Marketing Director of Lagos State, it is my duty to put in place both the organizational structures and the physical infrastructure to improve the marketing of the State. Hereby, I encourage my other fellow governors that I represent here to also see the need to increase the market value of their states’ businesses, as this will lead to the overall national market value nationwide.

Speaking on the heart of the business, Igbene, who is also chairman of the finance committee and audit board, said that under the company’s business model, investors benefit from a return on high investment (ROI) while encouraging investors to enter.

He said, “As we look to the future to serve more customers, we have the capacity to serve over 10 million customers across Nigeria and we are happy to serve. We will continue to make innovation our watchword.

Yetunde Saba, executive director of the company, who sits on the board as chairman of the committee for human capital and corporate social responsibility, said in an interview that the realization of Liberty Assured came from the need to provide bridging financing to the architecture and real estate construction market. .

She said the recent cutting edge digital lending innovation arose out of the COVID-19 era after observing market failures and the company has developed a safer market strategy that secures investor and customer funds.

“Our job is life. We have had an impact on thousands of lives. Our business model focuses on providing financial services to federal government employees. When we make loans to payroll account holders, Remita assists in the collection process. The customer journey is straightforward as it only involves the customer going to the website or dialing our USSD code. We are happy to be Nigeria’s financial innovation company, ”said the Executive Director.

She took the opportunity to invite the general public to the company’s Whisper SMS product launch on September 6, 2021, urging the public to log into Whisper SMS to join the event.

Sara R. Cicero