Love Island’s Frankie Foster was banned from competing in ALL professional sports after testing positive for banned hormones

One of six new dudes heading to Love Island’s villa tonight has a shameful secret that has abruptly ended his promising rugby career, it has been reported.

Frankie Foster was banned from competing in all professional sports after being caught using performance enhancing drugs.

The 22-year-old was playing for the Gloucestershire All Golds in 214 when he tested positive for the banned hormone Clomiphene after a game against Oldham.

Frankie, who now works at a gymnasium in Cheltenham, has been arrested by UK Anti Doping for his actions and has been given a two-year suspension from all athletic competition.

Frankie is one of the new contestants entering Love Island

Frankie brags about rugby career on personal trainer profile

UKAD Legal Director Graham Arthur said: “Young athletes and players need to understand that they have the same responsibilities to clean sport as those competing at the highest level.”

Despite the ban, personal trainer Frankie boasts of his rugby career in his pro profile.

Frankie, a Cheltenham resident, shows off how he got those rippling muscles

Love Island’s new hunk says he’s open to cheating in relationships

His description reads: “Frankie comes from professional rugby league experience.

“After playing elite sport and learning from top athletes and coaches, he is now focused on helping others improve their health, fitness and strength through training at the gym,” reads. one in its description.

Mirror Online has reached out to representatives for comment.

Six new boys will enter the villa tonight

And six gorgeous girls will also be added to the mix.

Tonight, viewers will see the original reaction from the Islanders as Frankie and 11 other new faces join the show for the opening of the secret villa Casa Amor.

Ahead of the show, Frankie, who said he’s always been single, said he’s open-minded when it comes to cheating.

“I know a lot of guys who cheat, and nobody really blinks.

“But I guess if you want to cheat, there’s no point in being around people. I dated girls who had boyfriends though.”

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9 p.m.

Sara R. Cicero