Meyers Leonard joins another professional sport

The Portland Trail Blazers center and famous gaming enthusiast Meyers Leonard have joined the popular esports organization FaZe Clan.

Now that the 2018-19 NBA season is over for the Portland Trail Blazers, most of the team are spending the early parts of their offseason recovering from a long season. Whether it’s Al-Farouq Aminu heading to Jamaica, Enes Kanter hosting basketball camps, or Damian Lillard spending time with his son, each Blazer benefits from the things they’ve missed the most. during the season.

Like the rest of his teammates, the Blazers center is enjoying his offseason with arguably his biggest passion: video games. Since the end of the season, you can see links to join Leonard’s Twitch (a popular live streaming service) that is broadcast almost daily to watch him play the popular video game. Fortnite.

During the season, Leonard began to develop relationships with members of the popular “FaZe Clan” playgroup. Arguably the most popular gaming organization in the world, this esports team participates in a variety of gaming tournaments around the world.

After wearing various FaZe jerseys entering the arena before matches, he officially announced that he would officially join the group as “FaZe Hammer”. Although the playgroup gained its fair share of notoriety due to legal affairs and other dramatic issues, the sense of brotherhood within the group was evident in response to Leonard’s post.

As basketball players begin to engage in activities other than basketball, Leonard’s announcement is another example of players showing they are “More than an athlete.” Although this phrase has primarily been used in politics, Leonard has preached for years that basketball isn’t the only thing in his life.

Kudos to Meyers for the recent announcement and we hope he finds the happiness and success in this adventure he is hoping for.

Sara R. Cicero