NBA Chokehold Incident Highlights Homophobia Problem In Professional Sport

With rampant plagues, polarized politics, and an under attack, you could be forgiven for thinking America is a pit of despair right now.

However, there are still pockets of heartwarming news. Enter: The latest meeting between NBA players Anthony Davis and Rudy Gay, recently targeted by Bleacher Report.

Lakers player Anthony Davis can be seen heading for the hoop, meeting defending Spurs player Rudy Gay in the process. They both fall. Davis lands on Gay. Gay then grabs Davis around the neck in what initially looks like a grappling hook, but then – through the wry smiles seen on each player’s face as they stand up – turns out to be a friendly evil spell.

A healthy moment.

Sadly, various Instagram commenters didn’t see it that way. Instead, they made fun of man-to-man action. Although some comments were made in a good mood (see: “The only way to slow AD”), others were homophobic.

A handful of remarks, showing the range of immature innuendoes, can be seen below:

“Break: Dwight Howard traded to Spurs.”

“That’s how he got his last name.

“The ad seems to like it.”

“It’s a little known.”

Our opinion ? It is out of time for America to stop automatically mocking “bromantic” moments, and this incident highlights it.

Why? First of all, unless you still live in the narrow, discriminatory mindset of bygone eras, you shouldn’t see anything wrong with there being a romantic factor at play.

Second: Study after study, we know that physical affection and bonding is an overwhelmingly positive part of Platonic male interaction (to the point that men are often happier with their bromance than their romance).

At least one guy gets it; “Little foreplay is okay.”

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Sara R. Cicero