Pillow Fighting Is Becoming a Professional Sport…and It’s Hilarious

Pillow fighting has become a professional sport?!

Pillow fighting has now become a professional combat sport with the Pillow Fighting Championship (PFC). An event recently took place with a tournament style battle of 16 men and 8 women taking place in Florida.

That first paragraph is definitely a little hard to believe. Professional pillow fighting has become a legitimate sport. Yes, in a way, we live in a reality where that is one thing. But when you consider YouTube stars battling combat sports legends, really, anything is possible.

Recently an event took place with 16 men and 8 women. The 16 men competed while the 8 women respectively did the same. The cash prize for the event was a $5,000 payout to the winners.

pillow action

At the end of the tournament-style competition, the male and female winners received championship belts.

The organization even has a children’s division.

This hilarious sport has gone viral for a reason. PFC is quite an interesting case as a combat sports start-up.

The unusual format will certainly catch the eye… for a while.

After the initial viral shock of the first events, it’s hard to imagine the sport going very far. After all, it’s not like the PFC attracts the pinnacle of top athletes. Right now, when things seem so uncertain, a quick $5,000 payday isn’t the worst prospect. Factor that in with the unlikelihood of injury and it’s definitely a viable option for some who are down, this is their chance.

Would you like to tune in to watch the PFC?

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