The A laugh & Critical Sport competition is again: the online gaming tournament returns in particular to Bilbao

The competition will be held in December after a previous version which was characterized by its virtual structure.

The Fun & Serious Game Festival is back: the video game event is back in person in Bilbao

Bilbao players, its cadre or anyone who wants to commute: save the date to return to an online gambling competition in particular no one. The Spanish tournament A competition of laughter and critical sport has shown its return to the capital of Bilbao to continue cultivating the environment in its eleventh version, the location of meetings, workshops and additional tactics to experience video games will be organized.

The spirit of these 12 months is to be a gathering level and an anniversary celebration of national tradeAlfonso Gómez, director of the competitionIn this way, reserve the hours December 10 and 11 await this competition which will be characterized by its face-to-face structure. Ultimately, the 2020 version was marked by a virulent disease that turned into a virtual tournament: “After these 12 months and part of the pandemic shutdown, the spirit of these 12 months is to be a rally level and celebration of the anniversary of commerce on a national scale ”, assures the director of the competition, Alfonso Gómez.

The Fun & Serious Game Festival is back: the video game event is back in person in Bilbao

In this sense, the A laugh & Critical Sport competition aims to prove to be the opportunity to back in touch some of the other brokers in the field: “A spot where all the actors of the Spanish and European scene: builders, publishers, press, salespeople, lovers, scholars…”.

If you are interested in this kind of tournament, don’t forget that the A laugh & Critical Sport competition continues to be has information to turn, because the 2020 version had the presence of the necessary names, something that added to the nominations of its Titanium Awards, the place where video games such as The Remaining of Us: Phase 2 stood out. In fact, some information with which it is shown that online gambling opportunities they begin to be reborn in Spain, recently, the citizens of Barcelona have been able to experience an IndieDevDay face to face.

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Sara R. Cicero