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The long (or clean and jerk) cycle involves lifting the weights to shoulder height, then overhead again, fully extending the arms. Both can be done with one or two hands, and the repetitions involve keeping the bell in the air in all reps except the first and last, when they hit the floor. If they hit the ground, the turn is over.

Participants can complete repetitions in a 5 or 10 minute cycle, although the global competition only takes place in 10 minute segments.

“Each rep is judged for the full 10 minutes,” Jerome Tyjeski said. “If an elevator isn’t done properly, it doesn’t matter. If the shape is bad, that doesn’t count.

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The people with the highest total of perfect reps are the winners. For a while, Jordan Tyjeski held the United States record in his class with 107 reps.

“I do long cycles with both hands and snatches,” said Tyjeski, who joined the Beaver Dam women’s track team as a junior and qualified for the WIAA state competition in the World Cup. shot put a year later. “There are other categories, like jerks and biathlons, but I only compete in two of them. “

Although she has been lifting weights and kettlebells for general fitness for a long time, Tyjeski only started serious training in the sports category a year ago. She participates in the American Kettlebell Alliance, training with a trainer in Chicago. She recently graduated in Mortuary Science and will soon be starting a career with Cress Funeral Homes in Madison.

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