Women’s professional sport will return to the UK on June 18 at the Brokenhurst Manor Open

Professional women’s sport will return to Britain for the first time since the Covid-19 lockdown with the Women’s Open at Brokenhurst Manor Golf Club, a one-day tournament scheduled for June 18.

British women’s football stars, including 2018 British Open Women’s champion Georgia Hall, are set to take part behind closed doors in Hampshire at an event designed by Ladies European Tour pro Liz Young and Brokenhurst Manor head pro Jason MacNiven.

Young says the goals of the competition are pretty straightforward: “It’s to find a way to have a tournament for professional women, so that we can be competitive again and have the chance to make some money in the tournament. these uncertain times and boost the profile of women’s football.

She is keenly aware of the situation in women’s team sports such as football, rugby and cricket, whose national seasons have been canceled. “It’s so important that women’s sport is visible,” Young said. “A few weeks ago there was a controversy that the first golf course in the United States was for men only. Because golf is a sport that can be played safely, it is now essential that women are also exposed. “

While not an officially sanctioned LET event, the Tour has helped Young and MacNiven get the message across to its members, but it is also open to any professional woman in the UK. Other well-known players listed include Meghan MacLaren, Annabel Dimmock, Amy Boulden and Gabriella Cowley.

Young is keen to stress that the event will follow government guidelines and that “caddies should be from the same household as the player”, but that they want as many professional women as possible to get involved. “The great thing about this event is you have a big winner like Georgia and then girls who have won LET multiple times but anyone can win, that’s the great thing about golf.”

The event has yet to attract a sponsor and players are offering an entry fee of £ 125 to contribute to the prize pool.

With the shortage of live sports action on TV, Young is asking broadcasters to air the event. “I know people would love to watch the sport live because there is so little of it. I would tell BBC and Sky this is a professional event with big names, it’s going to be good to watch, ”she said.

“It would also be an opportunity for people new to women’s golf to see how good our game is. That’s why it would be amazing if we could broadcast this on TV. “

The event would be a chance for LET and LPGA members to dust off the cobwebs before the big tours return. It is understood that organizers are still hoping that the AIG Women’s British Open will take place at the Royal Troon from August 20-23. Organizers are also optimistic about the continuation of the other European women’s tournament, the Evian Championship, which has already been rescheduled for the start on August 6 on its usual course at the Evian Resort on the French shore of Lake Geneva.

If you are a golf professional and would like to participate in the Women’s Open at Brokenhurst Manor, contact Liz Young via Twitter. @lizyounggolf

Sara R. Cicero